OrderSafe is an ordering platform for WhatsApp Ecommerce with Marketing & Offline Solution, for SMEs

When you have tools or channels to start selling online, you need ideas to promote and same time you also have to provide offline solutions. We’re the one to help you get online, promote your online presence and provide offline solutions. We’re here to provide the digital ecosystem for all SMEs.

Digital Ecosystem for OrderSafe Online & Offline

Upon registration, you’ll get FREE 1st month subscription and FREE setup with WhatsApp Blasting Credit available for you to promote.

Why OrderSafe

Reachout Your Customer
Cost always lower to bring back old customers than to acquire new ones

Live Notification
Live notifications and easy monitoring of physical queue

Shop with SOP
Easier to monitor visitor capacity and ensure visitors adhering to SOPs


Online to Offline
Let customers ordersafe both online and offline


Custom Store Link
Your own custom store link to share with customers on Whatsapp, Message etc.

QR Builder
Generate QR code for your shop link.

e-Store Management
Add categories, add product, add variants.

In-store Ordering
Options for customers to choose delivery, pickup, in-store order.


App Order Notification
Beside WhatsApp, get your order notification and manage order easily via App.

Order Management
Get your order on WhatsApp or App, manage them via mobile friendly admin panel.

Payment Gateway
Integrate with widely used payment method like credit cards/FPX transfer and e-wallet (ONLY for Advance Plan or above)


Reports and Analytics
Single dashboard to see all your online sales, customers etc.

We're Building an Ecosystem Consists of Sales, Marketing & Offline Solution.

We’re not another service provider, providing FEATURE-BASED PLATFORM but SOLUTION-BASED PLATFORM which is focusing to SAVE YOUR TIME, CUT YOUR COST & REDUCE YOUR RISK for SMEs.

1. Marketing

Start Promote via OrderSafe WhatsApp Blasting

2. Sales

Start Selling via OrderSafe WhatsApp Ordering Tool

3. Offline customer

Manage Offline Customer with SOP and have unlimited referral agents

1. Engage

Start Capture and Compile Potential Client Database via OrderSafe WhatsApp LiveChat

2. Marketing

Start Promote via OrderSafe WhatsApp Blasting

3. Sales

Start Selling via OrderSafe WhatsApp Ordering Tool

OrderSafe WhatsApp LiveChat Widget

  • Grab chatter information before start chatting
  • Follow up potential sales from own WA database
  • Assign agents with multiple number
  • eCommerce website owner to have lost leads database to convert & close more deal

OrderSafe WhatsApp Blasting (Marketing)

  • Does not require vendor’s WhatsApp number.
  • No banning of mobile number as Malaysia WhatsApp number will be generated randomly by system. (with WhatsApp and your company logo)
  • Your WhatsApp store link will be included for shoutout to indicate online presence.
  • Blasting report available for vendors.
  • Retaining & keeping in touch with existing customer.

OrderSafe WhatsApp Ordering Tool (Sales)

  • Dashboard displaying revenue, orders and number of customers.
  • Sales trend & insights including most sellable items
  • Easy to monitor orders with different status (i.e. pending, accepted, cancelled & done)
  • Invoice generated automatically for each transaction.
  • Easy shareable link & QR code to access your WhatsApp Store.
  • Area-based delivery charges calculation.
  • Customer data is YOURS!

OrderSafe QMS (Queue Management System)

#OrderSafe Front Page - 1300 x 800px (6)

How to Let Customers Visit Us Safely (Pick-Up/ Walk-In)

  • Easy shareable link /QR code to allow customers/visitors to request virtual queue before even reaching your physical shop.
  • No more long queue be it indoor/outdoor (no queue cluster)
  • Handling human traffic effectively with clear instructions to inform customers.
  • Enhancing customer experience (safer shopping/walk in experience)
  • Easy to monitor and manage the average waiting time.
  • Mobile notifications for customers as the number being called.

Let Your Customer OrderSafe both Online & Offline Today

Upon registration, you’ll get FREE 1st month subscription and FREE setup with WhatsApp Blasting Credit available for you to promote.

Built for SMEs

We know how hard to maintain business especially during this pandemic. We help you setup OrderSafe ordering tools and promote you via OrderSafe WhatsApp Blasting.

O20 Solution (Offline-to-Online)

Handle visiting customers with OrderSafe QMS (Queue Management System) for a safer experience with proper social distancing and waiting time.

Do you wish to earn some extra income?

Get Leads Connect with Right Agent within seconds

Supercharge your customer service by listing agents with different WhatsApp™ number. Get lead alert, customer tracking, customer database and interest within seconds.

Unlimited customers and we really mean it!

Built for Small Businesses, Sales, Customer Service, Marketers and Solopreneurs

OrderSafe WA LiveChat is built for customer service, sales & marketing professionals who need to build a way for leads to connect with the right agents within seconds. We shorten the time for your lead to direct connect with the respective agents and increase your sales.

Direct Sales Agent



Direct Sales Agent





Food & Beverage



Food & Beverage

Our OrderSafe WA LiveChat allow your leads connects directly to your agents (with different WA numbers) with 3 different chat mode.

Click to chat directly to the agents WA Number

Provide simple question and answer so your lead can get short answer for those frequently asked questions.

Insert simple form to collect customer inquiries and information for pre-sales conversation & after sales service.

These are the use cases our WA LiveChat Widget can help you provide better customer service and close more sales

Display available agents based on shifting hours

Schedule booking and appointment to agents

List different agents WA from departments

Instant Lead Email Alert

List your calendar for booking

List agents that is on duty on particular shifting hours

Free Forever + Unlimited Customers for All Plans

Store unlimited leads from your website and get more visibility in terms of which customer dealt with which agent .

Our free-forever tier offers unlimited customers for your CRM.