WhatsApp FAQ


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How WhatsApp FAQ

1. You insert frequently asked question and responses.

2. Customer click and answer will be pop out right away automatically.

3. Customer can proceed with form/appointment after that.

Customer always ask for repetitive questions and don't keep them waiting.

When you are attending multiple customers, you have to answer one by one to answer their questions With OrderSafe, you can list all FAQs to manage customer expectation and proceed if they are qualified.

Save time to manage customer expectation with FAQs

Meet the WhatsApp FAQs Builder

Choose sample questions and industry that cater to your business and edit responses accordingly.

Choose to experience our demo

Restaurant Booking

Listing different table with different availability and send booking reminder to customer via WhatsApp

Demo Booking

Use this simple form for customer to book any online meeting/zoom session for live demo/presentation.

Car Servicing

Use this form for customer to book car inspection session and business owner can manage within WhatsApp

Legal Consultation Booking

Understand client request and allow booking right away for legal consultation booking.