General Enquiry

The current COVID-19 pandemic is killing most businesses especially OFFLINE businesses. We are building digital ecosystem by providing 3 solutions OrderSafe WA blasting,OrderSafe Ordering Tool & OrderSafe QMS.

OrderSafe WA blasting, providing channel for business owners to reach for existing customers.

OrderSafe ordering tool, providing platform for business owners to do business via WhatsApp, collecting customer database for future promotions/advertisements. This platform also will auto generate invoices.

OrderSafe QMS (Queue Management System), providing seamless solution for business owners to manage online and offline customers.

Yes, we are Malaysia-based company focusing on providing support to SMEs.

No hidden fee, just invest in WA BLASTING CREDITS and we will help you promote your online presence. Plus, you will get a FREE 1st month subscription and we setup your OrderSafe Ordering Tool for FREE. 

We only start to collect monthly subscriptions from 2nd month onwards.

For STARTER PLAN, RM129 for blasting up to 200 customers and monthly subscriptions of RM49 or yearly subscription of RM456. You can list up to 100 products with 10 categories.

For ADVANCE PLAN, RM199 for blasting up to 300 customers and monthly subscriptions of RM99 or yearly subscriptions of RM948. You can list up to 500 products with 50 categories. Also, you will be entitle for one(1) virtual queue link to handle your offline customers.

The paid subscription will take effect on the 30th day of each month, and your credit card/debit card/ bank account will be auto charged by OrderSafe.

If you subscribe to any OrderSafe plan, your monthly commitment fee will be pro-rated against your billing cycle date. You will be charged the full subscription fee from the third month onwards but with full OrderSafe plan from the first month.


FREE subscription for the first(1st) month
Monthly Rate of STARTER PLAN @ RM49 [ 30 days x RM1.60 ]

Subscription on 12th July @ FREE
(12/07/2021 – 12/08/2021)

Normal subscription starts @ RM49.00
(13/09/2021 – 13/10/2021) 

FREE subscription for the first(1st) month
Yearly Rate of STARTER PLAN @ RM456 [ 365 days x RM1.25 ]

Subscription on 12th July @ FREE
(12/07/2021 – 12/08/2021)

Yearly subscription starts @ RM456.00
(13/09/2021 – 13/09/2022)


FREE subscription for the first(1st) month
Monthly Rate of ADVANCE PLAN @ RM99 [ 30 days x RM3.30 ]

Subscription on 12th July @ FREE
(12/07/2021 – 12/08/2021)

Normal subscription starts @ RM99.00
(13/09/2021 – 13/09/2021) 

FREE subscription for the first(1st) month
Yearly Rate of ADVANCE PLAN @ RM948 [ 365 days x RM2.60 ]

Subscription on 12th July @ FREE
(12/07/2021 – 12/08/2021)

Yearly subscription starts @ RM948.00
(13/08/2021 – 13/08/2022)

So, what exactly is a Payex? Basically, it is a third party service provider that helps OrderSafe collect subscription fees. To know more about Payex Terms and Condition, please click Here.

Customers are only allowed to upgrade the OrderSafe subscription plan after the expiry of the current bill cycle by sending a WhatsApp to this number. The new subscription fee and upgraded features will only applied on your next billing cycle. 

It’s vendor responsibility to ensure sufficient fund in your bank accounts/debit cards/credit cards.

We will not be liable to you:

  1. if the Card is not honoured by the Bank or the Card Issuer;
  2. if provision of or authorisation to the Cardholder for the Services is denied/refused or suspended at any time by any party for any reason;
  3. if we are unable to or delay in providing the Services for other circumstances beyond our reasonable control (e.g. power failure);
  4. for any loss or damages whatsoever suffered by you and any third party arising from use of the Services for any claims, loss, damages, cost and expenses (including without limitation any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental loss or damage) arising out of or resulting from any person using the Services;


  1. For unpaid bills in the specified bill cycle, OrderSafe will attempt to notify you via email on the 5th day  of the dunning billing cycle.
  2. Please ensure your credit card details are up to date, and valid for charging.
  3. OrderSafe will send a WhatsApp  follow up notification on the 10th day of dunning billing cycle.
  4. We will send another WhatsApp to inform deactivation of subscription and temporarily suspend the service by the 14th day of that particular bill cycle. Then, the  OrderSafe online store will be blocked and service unavailable until payment is received.
  5. We will permanently delete your OrderSafe account on the 30th day of the dunning billing cycle. Kindly refer here for our termination policy. 

About OrderSafe WA Blasting

0% banning of mobile number. We will use system-generated Malaysia WA number to blast on your behalf.

We have the function to insert your company logo and state your company name at the beginning of broadcast. We will also include your online store link or whatsapp link at the end of the message.

You can send up to maximum 5000 characters.


Company logo have to be 75kb or lower.

Image/PDF have to be 75kb or lower.

Video have to be 5MB or lower.

Please allow 1-2 working days for us to process the broadcasting. Upon processing, the broadcasting will be out within 24 hours.

Our system comes with 80% deliverability. 

We will send out broadcasting report once the broadcasting is completed. We will not refund for those undelivered blastings.

Yes, every WhatsApp Blasting Credit purchased has their validity depending on the package purchased. Kindly confirm the validity with your provider.

About OrderSafe WA Ordering Tool

It will go straight to your WhatsApp registered mobile number as in the ordering tool.

You will obtain customer name, address, mobile number and order details upon order processing.

You will have a dashboard to overlook the sales, revenue and number of customers. You will also have a table to monitor the order processing, pending and completed orders.

Yes, you can customise the checkout messages and what details to include. 

Either you are selling products or offering services, you can simply choose to enable walk in or delivery option for your customer. You can even let customer choose appointment time via this ordering tool if you are providing services.

0% commissions for every transaction via our OrderSafe WhatsApp Ordering tool.

Customer able to choose 1 out 3 types of payment method such as cards, FPX online bank transfer or E-Wallets (TouchnGo/ GrabPay). Take note that this is only applicable for Advance Plan or above.

Yes. We do integrate with multiple delivery courier options like Lalamove, Grab, Ninjavan, ABX, DHL, BungkusIt, Tapaw, Borzo and etc. Take note that this is only applicable for Advance Plan and above.

About OrderSafe QMS

You can easily share link or QR code for your walk in customer to scan and request virtual queue number. Business owners like you can easily call numbers based on your SOP and limitation of shoppers at the same time. So your customers can wait safely and only proceed to the designated entrance when number is being called.

You can share links for customer to request for queue number and view the queue status. 

Your customer will get notification when their number being called.

Yes, you can switch the queue system to active or inactive with just one click. 

Each queue number comes with own unique code for identification purpose between both customer & your side.

Yes, you can set by limiting the queue numbers for the system to automate your queue management.