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How Our Platform Works?

You can find all related video tutorials to watch about how OrderSafe streamline your online ordering & offline management system in 1 place!

Here's How You Can Turn Your E-store Applicable for Online Shoppers & Offline Visitor


Customers can easily plan to shop online/offline based on the number and availability. 1 Platform provide customer ORDERSAFE shopping experience for both online & offline

Video Tutorial

E-Store Overall

How to read dashboard data, change order status & print invoice

E-Store Settings

How to add delivery areas, charges, taxes & business hour to receive orders

Add Product/Categories

How to add product categories and insert product listing information

Queue System for Online Campaign

How vendor can utilize queue system for lucky draw or random giveaways

Queue System (Vendor View)

How vendor can start/stop taking queue and call for next number

Queue System (Customer View)

How customer request queue number and get to know queue status