OrderSafe QMS

No More Long Queues,
Better Customer Experience

Who likes to wait?? Especially during this Covid-19 pandemic period when it is extremely important to maintain social distancing. It feels like a waste of time and many customers will avoid or leave the shop rather than wait in a long queue to make a purchase. As a business, one of your primary goals is to provide a positive customer experience. An online queue management system will help you eliminate long queue and deliver great experiences for all your customers. By offering your customers to visit your shop safely will definitely be the important point.

How Your Customers Request For Queue

No more long queue required for customers either indoor or outdoor. Your customer satisfy with the traffic flow control and enhance customer experience.

Streamline customer experience by avoiding crowded waiting areas or wait safely from their homes or cars, helping your customers to practice social distancing.

Customers can check, in real time, the waiting time and visitor capacity of your locations. This allows to avoid peak hours and reduce the burden on your staff.



How Vendors Can Manage Waiting Customers

You can easily limit how long the queue you want it to be.

Simple click to start accepting queue or stop accepting queue request.

Straightforward glance dashboard providing

  • number of customer waiting
  • quitting the line
  • estimated waiting time for new customer
  • average waiting time for last 10 customers. 
  • designated entrance upon entering premises

Vendors can also link the system to a larger screen/monitor to showcase the calling number. For a better presentation purpose.

Not Only That, You Can Utilize for

Virtual Product Launch

An option of first-come-first-serve virtual queue for your product/offer launching. Delivering a seamless customer experience.

Random Lucky Giveaways

It's never been easier to random pick numbers with unique codes to identify for lucky draw or special prize winners.

Inclusive Deal for VIP

You can even create special queue for your VIP customers. Exclusively for your VIPs.