OrderSafe Ordering Tool

Attention to Online SMEs doing business on Social Media.

Control your inventories with the sales trend & insights. Dashboard includes all orders with different status. One shop to display all your products/services no matter what kind of industries you are from.

How Your Customer Take Orders

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One easy shareable link or QR code to inform customers about your available products/foods.

Nice & clean displays for different categories. Easy to search for products/foods that your customers want.

Placing orders to vendors’ WhatsApp for a more direct communication & increasing trusts between vendors and customers. [Gaining customers’ contact numbers for future marketing purpose too]

How Vendor like You Process Order

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Easy to understand dashboard display

  • Orders
  • Sales
  • Number of customers
  • Order Summary
  • Customer Activity (Last 24 hours)

Easy viewing of orders (i.e. Pending, Accepted, Cancelled, Done). Invoices will be auto generated with customer’s information for each transaction made.

Most importantly you now can track

  • Where customers come from?
  • Who are they?
  • Customer demographic data

Additional Features for Vendors

Google Analytics

Not only can you track where your customers come from, you will also know which part/product your customer mostly purchase/focus on.

Reports & Analytics

Provide insights about sales trend and customer data. Vendors can plan their inventory & marketing activity accordingly

Customisable Checkout

Vendor can customise the messages content for customers including checkout instructions, payment methods & waiting time to align the expectations

Virtual Queue Management

You can easily include the link for your virtual queue to manage all your orders. A well-controlled customer experience will certain be the winning-point. No customers or orders will be left behind.

Example of Stores using OrderSafe Ordering Tools Platform