KAI Target Blasting

A 1-STOP Go To Tool to promote your business, With over 1 Billion Active Monthly Users and one of the most used application.

Businesses need to learn the strategies and take advantage of the next big thing in social media!  

How It Works?

Simply Contact Us and we will consult you how to apply and which credits to purchase. 

Our KAI Target Blasting Plans

KAI Target Blasting 5K

5,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 3000

KAI Target Blasting 15K

15,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 4,500

KAI Target Blasting 30K

30,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 6,000

What is the Benefit of Using KAI Target Blasting?

All Time Quick Response

  • An immediate response is expected once your ads have been blasted and hit your right audience because WhatsApp is just easy and used all the time. 

Able Carry Image and Text at a higher Capacity

  • WhatsApp can carry both text and image which make your ads become more attractive, unlike traditional info sharing in text messages.

Higher Reading Rate

  • Users will definitely check out the latest text in the chat because of user actively checks incoming messages through notifications.

Evolve Your Business Platform To WhatsApp Now

Why Choose Us (4)

With WhatsApp as a 1-stop  marketing service provider in Malaysia, KAI Target Blasting unlocks the potential to blast your message in text and image up  to 10.5 million WhatsApp users across Malaysia.

KAI Target Blasting also has the ability to deliver your advertising message to your target audience cost-effectively at every corner of Malaysia with our nationwide coverage.

Direct To WhatsApp Web Panel To Update Existing Customer For Repeat Sales

1. A WhatsApp Platform with Self Management Capability

  • KAI Target Blasting was  design and develop to let you manage your campaign by yourself with our own database.

2. Active User Filtering Function In WhatsApp

  • To make sure your WhatsApp message is delivered to REAL WHATSAPP USER, Get FREE WhatsApp active user filtering feature

3. A Guarantee Delivery Rate of 90%

  • KAI Target Blasting makes sure all your investments will offer better returns by getting your WhatsApp ™️ messages GUARANTEED DELIVERY RATE.

Go For KAI Target Blasting for More Exposure

How your Message Will Look Like When Delivered

1. A Malaysia WhatsApp Number

Using Malaysia contact number to deliver your WhatsApp message.

2. Company Profile Logo

Send message as your company profile.

3. Your Content Message

Message that contains  Text, Images, PDF, and Videos which make your ads more attractive.

Our KAI Target Blasting Plans

KAI Target Blasting 1K

1,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 650

KAI Target Blasting 2K

2,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 1,200

KAI Target Blasting 10K

10,000 Blasting Credit  for RM 4,800

 KAI Target Blasting service Terms & Conditions:

1. 0% of number banning risk as we use the random Malaysia WhatsApp Number, auto generated by system for blasting instead of your own WhatsApp Number.

2. No guarantee of ALL of customers will receive the blasting and the deliverability is around 90%.

3. Blasting report will be provided after three (3) working day from the launching of broadcast.

4. Kindly manage expectation where we need one to two (1-2) working days to process the blastings.

5. Any blasting request after office hours (6PM) will only be processed at the next following working day.

6. Each blasting refers to only one (1) written message AND one (1) type of media file attachment (Image/Video/PDF)

7. Any blasting less than sixty (60) WhatsApp numbers, thus no broadcast report will be provided as per system requirement.

8. Each individual blasting refers to one (1) credit which means broadcasting to one (1) WhatsApp Number.

9. Strictly no refund, in the event of any unsuccessful WhatsApp blasting.

10. Credits such as KAI Target Blasting 1K do have expiry period of 90 days whereas KAI Target Blasting 2K & KAI Target Blasting 10k do have expiry period of 180 days prior to your subscription while OrderSafe will keep track on vendor’s WhatsApp blasting credits.

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