Your Online-to-Offline (O2O) Solution

Sales & Customer data from each transaction via WhatsApp

Easily get your order via WhatsApp without download any additional apps and have a glance about your sales report.

Easy to customize & Inventory Management with auto-generated invoice

Easy to customize with different themes and manage your store inventories. Every orders come with auto generated invoice ready to download for tracking purpose.

Easy handle human traffic when it comes to offline/physical shop visitors

Easy shareable links / QR code to allow your customers to request virtual queue before reaching vendor premises. This also important in maintaining customer social distance & avoid any form of clusters. 

Easy to conduct virtual product launch & lucky draw giveaways

Easy & direct way of attracting customer for new product launching or any lucky draw giveaways. This also helps keep in touch with your existing customer and gimmick reach out new potential customers.

WhatsApp Direct Shoutout & Blasting

No number banning risk to bear while blasting new updates to your existing customer via WhatsApp directly. It’s easy to share with new customers with the WhatsApp Broadcast.

Start today

FREE setup & 1st month subscription. WhatsApp Blasting credit available upon sign up to shoutout as OrderSafe vendor.